This page has remained dormant for many months as I have not really considered what the blog is about. However, one day, I came across a peer’s blog. This blog was more detailed than mine and this person clearly spent many an hour more on theirs. At that point, I thought to myself what is the point of this blog?

Originally, I had planned to get it up and running as a way to improve my writing and all that. However, I didn’t really think why I was writing, so it just stayed in the grave yard of the internet, soomewhere next to bebo and MSN.

However, Referendum fever came around during June and I wrote a piece about the NUS as my uni were having a referendum at the time. The piece caused quite a stir, but that was the point. It was there to give my opinion and concerns. However, it wasn’t very economic.

But only a month later, there was a bigger referendum. One that could have had seismic effects on the economy. Having studied the economics in detail, I knew a good amount, but many people didn’t and were voting with their guts. That was when I chose to make a few blog posts about the EU referendum in order to provide factual advice to those who wanted it. While I can’t promise to be unbiased to a side, I try to go into things objectively.

When writing these posts, I tried to make them informative, but understandable for those who know less about economics. While serious, there was also times for jokes, as I tried to make it approachable, so that friends and families could read it and gain a greater understanding.

Sadly, remain lost the referendum. My small start up blog couldn’t make a large impact. I never expected it to. However, multiple people have said to me that I changed their mind from leave to remain. I did make an impact on the vote, albeit not a big enough one.

After this, the news kept coming through, and there was plenty to talk about. I have tried to give my opinions on things and keep the blog understandable and informative for novices, but interesting for those with experience.

However, I have also written non current affair blog posts, about economics in fiction or in our everyday lives from hunger games to Halloween. This is to show how economics can be seen and can be useful. In an economics degree, you spend so much time looking at models and figures. However, I hope that this blog also shows how economics can be fun.

So in all, the point of this blog is to inform those who wish to be informed, entertain those who wish to be entertained and make those who want to think consider the world from the view that I and other economists do all the time. No matter how much economics you know.


I am on twitter (@SwiftEconomist) and on LinkedIn (https://uk.linkedin.com/in/josephswift). Yes, I am very employable.

I am currently studying Bsc Economics with Industrial Experience at the University of Exeter.



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