The EU & I: A final note (REMAIN)

Dear Reader

Well, I will be celebrating tonight eating a slice of the Boris Johnson cake knowing that we have safeguarded our future. I genuinely believe that we made the correct decision for our country. This letter is a chance for me to give some final thoughts.

My journey of knowledge into this debate started two years ago as I embarked on an extended project considering the economic implications of being in the European Union. From there my mind was opened to a vast array of arguments. What I’m basically saying is that I know about the arguments before they were cool.

The debate

This debate has been a passionate one. My day on the streets shown me that. Those who wouldn’t usually be politically engaged suddenly had an opinion they were proud of. No matter how misinformed people were, this was a wonderful side of democracy. But we also saw the ugly side of democracy. Slurs and insults thrown between people and politicians. Lies and untrue claims. There was a real air of tension that escalated and peaked last week.

I feel that this simpsons based tweet best sums up the decisions



Nonetheless, thankfully that debate is over now. We are going to remain. However, this has shown how many people are unhappy. We need to reform both here at home and in the EU to try and make Britain a country everybody can be happy and proud of.

My experience

Campaigning with Stronger In was one of my proudest achievements. To go out and stand for what I believe in and try and make a difference was big. It was also scary, but I am proud that I did it. I learned more that day than I did any other day. Whether people campaigned this way for remain or leave, they should be extremely proud of themselves. I would like to thank the people at Stronger In Exeter for giving me the chance and my friends and family for the support.

The other type of campaigning I did was writing this blog. I am aware than many of you have read it and would like to thank you for taking the time to read it. To put an opinion out there is scary as it can be scrutinised and lead to repercussions. But I would like to think that I wrote in a friendly, understandable manner. If I even made one of you consider changing your mind, or an undecided consider remain, or assured you about your decision, then this was worth it.

I feel that I have kept my integrity in this debate and again would like to thank those who sent me kind messages about my writing and those who shared it with their friends. Now the posts will be left to gather dust. But don’t worry, I hope to keep this blog up to date with current news and analysis of economic issues.


Thank you for engaging in this debate. We have all discussed big issues. The EU is far from perfect, but hopefully over the next few years we will see it improve.

-Joseph Swift



So I should quickly clarify that I wrote out two different pieces before the deadline. I wasn’t cocky believing we would remain. I wrote both in preperation for both outcomes.


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