GE2017: An endorsement of mediocrity

He endeavours down a wing, looks up, see’s the people around it, puts a cross into the box… and probably scores an own goal, because lets face it… it’s politics.

This year the options are awful. In my humble opinion, every single leader up for election in 2017 is worse than those of 2015. Theresa May is socially regressive and anti-immigrant. A truly notable change from Cameron’s liberal conservatism. Jeremy Corbyn takes his party further from the centre to the left, making them even less electable. Nick Clegg, with mud on his face, is replaced by Tim Farron, the democrat who wipes his backside with democracy. Even Nigel Farage, a Euro sceptic by trade, was more appealing than the irrelevant Nuttall whom is trying to appeal to anyone who dislikes foreigners.

So, who am I voting for this year. Well, during his appearance on question time, footballer Joey Barton described UKIP as looking at four ugly girls and thinking “she’s not the worst”. While I neither share this opinion or eloquence, the sentiment behind it is strikingly accurate for this election. So far, I have avoided writing my personal stance on this blog in order to keep it objective and not allow you to prejudge my posts. I am a centerist liberal by trade and the party I am voting is the only one I feel to be close to my values. Therefore, it is with very little enthusiasm that I am endorsing Liberal Democrats.

Despite this endorsement, I have not been pleased with Farron’s performance. The calls for a second referendum have been pathetic. They are nothing more than a vanity exercise. People will not change their minds from brexit and a significant proportion of remainers will accept a deal as they respect the democratic result of the referendum. This has alienated 52% of the electorate off the back and a fair amount of the 48%. An equally as big own goal from Farron was to say that he didn’t want to be leader and that he wanted to be the main opposition. I don’t want to vote for an opposition. I want to vote for the person I believe will be the best Prime Minister out of the available options. His performances have been constantly weak.He had a big market to tap into and to help him, but like Vote Leave, he decided to ignore the most important market to him.

So, despite this, why am I voting Farron? Well a big part of it is that I started the election there and looked for reasons to vote otherwise. However, none were provided. Economically, do I believe a hard Theresa May Brexit is the best for us? No, it is fundamentally the most harmful, so I can not support that. Corbyn also shown no plans for Brexit in his manifesto. The most appealing brexit is a oft brexit and the one who is offering that the clearest is Mr Farron.

It is also my view that this country will need investment throughout brexit as it could help us avoid a recession. Again, Mrs May seems unlikely to provide this as she tightens the purse strings. Mr Corbyn’s investment seems misguided and misplaced. We need fresh investment as opposed to excessive nationalisation. The royal mail remains a poor thing to invest in for example. So for financial responsibility and the need for investment, again I believe the Lib Dems will be best balanced for that.

Economically, Mr Corbyn could cause harm by the extent of his changes. A rise in corporation tax by his levels as well as a bad brexit could really harm inward investment and jobs.

When I vote, I also consider the social side. Mrs May is authoritarian and divisive with her anti-foreigner rhetoric. Meanwhile, many figures from both campaigns have been toxic towards one another and will fail to unite the country. May wishes to take us to the 80’s and Corbyn the 70’s. They are both very backwards looking and the only one looking forward seems to be Farron. As the parties go further left and further right, the Liberal Democrats are the only ones whom are remaining centeral and promoting freedom. Therefore with all of the policies and attitudes going around, the only one that is truly speaking to me is Tim Farron.


Congratulations Tim, but it’s mainly because the opposition are worse. However, when you fail tonight, I won’t be saddened by your resignation.

On a final note, I have written about the two major political parties in depth. I know some of you have read them and hopefully learnt from them and gotten an understanding of economics. It’s been a pleasure to write for you all and I hope you aren’t too dissatisfied with the results tonight.


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