The Conservatives: This weeks Nasty Party

The last couple of weeks have given us two major party conferences. After the first one I was rather disappointed but after the second…

This conference did little more than to increase resentment and divisions within this country. Mrs May stated her intent for a hard Brexit while Miss Rudd decided to use the abhorrent policy of making companies disclose the amount of foreign workers they employ.

This anti-immigration rhetoric has proven to be dangerous as well as down right illogical. In eight years, immigrants reduced the average income by 1%. Brexit alone will reduce it by much more. Brexit will likely cost 70,000 jobs, while immigration has no long term impact on unemployment and displacement. This untrue rhetoric that has been spouted out for months, has sadly made Britons shoot themselves in the foot.

To suggest that companies must release the amount of foreign workers is ridiculous. It discriminates against foreign born workers legally here. It is also economically harmful. Should a company fear backlash and hire a second best worker for a job, this is inefficient. As the worker won’t be able to produce as much, this means more expensive goods for consumers here and less competitive goods abroard, meaning less money coming into the country.


May has also been talking about a hard Brexit. I’m not 100% convinced that this is because she will. However, she is taking a dangerous risk. If she doesn’t go for a hard brexit, then certain leave campaigners in media and politics will be on her back. Anyway, the reasons I believe she has been using this rhetoric is for the following:

  1. To show Europe that she is not weak. This is a power play to help her negotiations.
  2. To gain the support of the labour heartlands who voted to leave as an alternative to UKIP

None the less, having said that she would prefer to remain during the referendum, this is a surprising sudden change in heart from the Prime Minister.

This talk of a hard Brexit is showing itself to be really harmful in the markets. The sterling has fallen again. Confidence of multi nationals will most likely drop as well. To leave in this way is the most harmful form of Brexit. Some massive companies will leave the UK should we leave the single market (the biggest in the world). Ourselves leaving this market would make Britain a worse place to invest in the future.


The last issue that I will note is Amber Rudd’s comments on foreign students. In the UK, we have some of the best universities in the world. They are some of our biggest exports to the world. To stop students studying will lower the reputation and make academics as well as funding for research and development go elsewhere.

The Conservative Party Conference was nothing more than a divisive ploy in order to make Theresa May appeal to hard core brexit voters. However, the aforementioned policies were economically incompetent and leave many people with a better taste in their mouth.

Guess I should find out how to apply for Canadian citizenship.

-Swift Economist


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