A brief summary of the cabinet

New Prime Minister Theresa May has started to announce her new cabinet. Here I will briefly summarise a few thoughts on each.

Chancellor: Phillip Hammond (R)

So we see our first casualty. George Osborne was not a particularly popular figure for outsiders. He was part of the Eton, Oxford group that many have come to dislike. However his sacking was slightly suprising. Whether this was down to his failure to cancel out the deficit that he promised is debatable. It may be to the fact that May is trying to change the Tory identity. Less Eton and more balance. It is almost 50:50 male and female and the look that May wants to give the cabinet.

Hammond has had experience as the shadow chancellor and has aimed for this position for a while. He has shared May’s view that he is a reluctant remainer and has been an MP for 20 years. Theresa has seen experience as key in this role and gone with somebody who has similar views to hers.

Home Secretary: Amber Rudd (R)

The meteoric riser replaces Theresa May. Young blood taking over such a big role. May held this post for a long time, therefore I believe that Rudd will be her understudy. She will be nothing more than a puppet on a string who will do whatever the experienced May tells her to. This is the second biggest risk in Theresa’s cabinet.

Defence Secretary: Michael Fallon (R) & Health Secretary: Jeremy Hunt (R) 

The two who haven’t been moved. Fallon is becoming more experienced and is one that Theresa would understandably want to keep.. but Jeremy Hunt? Doctors hate him, people hate him and it’s such an easy chance to be rid of him, but Theresa has now already alienated herself from Junior Doctors.

Secretary of State for Leaving the EU: David Davis (L)

The fact that Mr Davis is unaware of the External Common Tariff Policy is disturbing. He also has a disregard for experts. Apparently he does brush his teeth as he thinks that dentists know nothing (Same with Farage). I do hope he isn’t counting this as a new job created by Brexit to make up for those that will be lost. He gets the award of being my second least favourite addition to the shadow cabinet.


Secretary of State for International Trade: Liam Fox (L)

Another new job, he is in to create trade deals with the rest of the world. A neccessary role, but one that has been given to a man shrouded in controversy. Having only spent a year in defence, maybe this role would be better given to a former foreign secretary with more experience in international politics. This appointment could upset many people who remember the scandal.

Foreign Secretary: … (L)

I have no words. See my previous article The dangerous story of Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson.


But seriously… What the actual f-word Theresa?

The Fallen Comrades:

Today we say goodbye to many brave warriors. How they will survive without these jobs is beyond me. Osborne, Gove and Morgan are out (as are many others, but these are the main ones). Morgan has messed up her role in education (that said so did Hunt) and as a relatively new MP I am sure we will see her again in the future.

Our former justice secretary has finally met justice. People hate him, Tories hate him. Gove is finally out, most likely a move to gain popularity amongst her MPs from Theresa.

General Comments:

Ok, so Boris was in for popularity, however that has very quickly lead to Mrs May losing her integrity giving such a hated and divisive man around the globe such a big job. There is a balance of remainers and leavers. Interestingly, the Leavers have more international jobs while remainers have domestic jobs.

Where possible, Theresa has looked to play it safe by making few big changes to her cabinet, but this has been offset by controversial additions like Fox, Rudd and the other one. These have eroded her integrity. However as I mentioned near the start she is trying to get balance and diversity.

But seriously Theresa…. Boris?

Swift Economist

Say Hello to our new foreign secretary.



Throughout the day, I may add more members to the list below and comment on them



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