Dear Mr. Corbyn

Dear Mr. Corbyn,

I am part of a generation that wanted change. The younger generation was the one that primarily gave you the opportunity to become the labour leader. I didn’t vote in the leadership contest, but in the last election I voted for your party as I believed┬áthat the Labour party would best represent my interests over the course of 5 years.

I was cynical when you came to power, but felt it fair to give you a proper chance to win over people such as myself. I was told that you could re-enhance young people into politics, while connecting with lost voters who struggled to differentiate “One Nation Conservatives” from “Blairites”.

But after a year, you have let me down. You have let my generation down. Now I was very much in favour of us remaining in the European Union. I believe it was the best chance for growth, security and employment and now it’s going to be tougher for me to get to where I want to be. Over 70% of 18-24 year olds voted remain as they looked to safeguard their future. Sadly they were unsuccessful in doing so.

A significant proportion of the blame for the reason we lost falls down to you Mr Corbyn. No once throughout the campaign did I genuinely believe that you wanted to remain in the European Union. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if on the day you had voted to leave. You showed no passion. The areas in which we lost were the labour heartlands. These were the areas that you, as their leader, failed to connect with.

I have seen no passion. You have failed to stand up for the young people who elected you, who I fear will now suffer for many years. You and your party kept very quiet and I am embarrassed to admit that I voted for your party in May 2015. It was my first vote, one that means a lot to me and you have failed in delivering what I believed you would.

Therefore I feel that the only dignified thing to do would be for you to resign. That would be an admission that you could have done better and as a result you will be able to end your  tenure in leadership with dignity. I fear that you will drag this out like a stubborn child who is merely trying to delay their defeat.

This lack of passion and lack of being able to win votes is concerning and has proven many fears that you don’t seem electable. By remaining in charge of the labour party, you are stopping the Labour party from being a serious opposition. You are allowing us to become a one party nation. The Conservative party will have more freedom to do what they please. They will be able to hurt the vulnerable that you wish to protect without having to worry about their electability. The lack of opposition, which you are causing, is only going to lead to more socially regressive policies that you disagree with. They will hurt those you try to represent.

So I beg of you Mr Corbyn, step aside. You have hurt young people who trusted you by not trying in the referendum. You are hurting working class people by not providing any true opposition to the Conservatives. You are hurting your divided party and a divided country.

Yours Sincerely

-Joseph Swift



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