The EU & I

Dear friends, family and readers…

A builder doesn’t always have the tools that they want, but has to use the ingredients in front of them. That is what we have to do now. I fear that the labour market will be far worse in three years when I look for a job, but hey, that’s democracy and if we don’t like it, there is Kim’s North Korea or Assad’s Syria.

1,269,501. What annoys me is that well over 1.3 million people will have thought “nah, my vote doesn’t make a difference”. Well, that was simply wrong.

People voted against the establishment and voted against every expert on the issue. If they voted for the right reasons, then I fear that some are dreadfully misinformed. If they voted to kick the establishment in the balls, then quote simply they shot themselves in the foot at the same time.

We made a statement to the world today and not a good one. We said yes to isolation in a globalised world. That isn’t something we should stand with. e should work together as citizens on this Earth for peace and prosperity.

Looking forward, I hope we can remain a member of the EEA in a Norway manner. The Brexiters may not like this, but it means we are in the single market and don’t have to follow the common external trade. The uncertainty is what’s going to damn our economy over the next year.

Over the coming days, I will try to work out the causes of this unthinkable result.

Now I would like to say some notes about the campaign for me personally.

This debate has been a passionate one. My day on the streets shown me that. Those who wouldn’t usually be politically engaged suddenly had an opinion they were proud of. No matter how misinformed people were, this was a wonderful side of democracy. But we also saw the ugly side of democracy. Slurs and insults thrown between people and politicians. Lies and untrue claims. There was a real air of tension that escalated and peaked last week.

Campaigning with Stronger In was one of my proudest achievements. To go out and stand for what I believe in and try and make a difference was big. It was also scary, but I am proud that I did it. I learned more that day than I did any other day. Whether people campaigned this way for remain or leave, they should be extremely proud of themselves. I would like to thank the people at Stronger In Exeter for giving me the chance and my friends and family for the support.

The other type of campaigning I did was writing this blog. I am aware than many of you have read it and would like to thank you for taking the time to read it. To put an opinion out there is scary as it can be scrutinised and lead to repercussions. But I would like to think that I wrote in a friendly, understandable manner. If I even made one of you consider changing your mind, or an undecided consider remain, or assured you about your decision, then this was worth it.

I feel that I have kept my integrity in this debate and again would like to thank those who sent me kind messages about my writing and those who shared it with their friends.

Sadly I did all I could, but it wasn’t enough. But what can one person do? I am still proud.

Now the posts will be left to gather dust. But don’t worry, I hope to keep this blog up to date with current news and analysis of economic issues.

-Joseph Swift


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